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Originally Posted by Mustang28027 View Post
I have been following along as well. I think most RRs that I have read say that 40.00 per day is a good to plan for while on the road. This includes fuel, food and also lodging. Totaling this up, to live on about $15,000 year round sounds like a pretty good deal. Dont know if it is realistic. Have to consider other things like medical care, etc, for additional costs.

Does your budget allow for staying put for an extended period of time? Dont have to go back to work, do you? While it is winter here, I assume your time there is seasonless. Sounds to me like staying there is a wonderful idea.


It really depends what the costs that you include in your per day costs. There are always things you do not expect so you need to plan for this. Also being on the road can be "hard" work, and is not for everyone. Also side trips like I am planning on flying to the Galapagos Island and taking a boat around for a week or so. Looks like it will be $1,500-$2,000 to do this, but it is something I want to do. So that really adds to the overall costs.

My trip does allow for extended stay or other options, but I am very fortunate! But at some point I will need to start a new chapter of my life including going "home" and starting over with some type of work or business. But I do not have a specific plan yet.

Hope this helps!
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