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Originally Posted by RevZilla View Post
Hey JL,

I think bang-for-buck and quality, the Sand combo wins hands down. I actually have a boot-leg version I wear in the winter (the only Extra-Small ever produced for a photo-shoot). I also think the Horizon will be a game changer, but until it's out on the market and some real-world testing is done, it's still too early to say. I will say that I have my concerns about use here in the humid North East and how well it will breathe in the heat of the summer. In your neck of the woods, it should be infinitely better.
As for inseam, both REV'IT! and Klim offer long lengths. A 36" inseam with a 36" waist will be hard to come by, however, where you will likely have to choose one or the other. In the Klim, you would take a Large Tall, and in REV'IT! an XL tall, but both will be a bit shy of a 36" inseam. You could go up a size for the extra length, but it would be loose at the waist.
I personally only use the Sidi Crossfire (older TA version) for aggressive off-road riding and the REV'IT! Rival boots for touring and light off road use. Anthony can speak better to real-world use of the Sidi Rains.
Lastly, the KLR is a great all-around bike. I had a 96 KLR for a hot minute. I didn't like how it performed for me in sandy terrain, so I picked up a Suzuki DR650SE. The KLR is certainly better for long distances on the high-way, but I prefer the way the DR performed off-road.
I've had the opportunity to do some riding in Colorado back in the summer of '05 on my old '01 BMW GS 1150. I did the Million Dollar Highway and some of the Black Canyon. You have some stellar riding in your parts. To me, nothing beats the GS for touring and the occasional off-road tryst.

again thanks, very helpful. Seems I've got the best choice for me in the Sand. It just rocks so many things really well!

Great info on the sizing, I've since re-measured and find that to the ankle bone I'm more towards a 35 so I think the length will be fine. Pretty sure my jacket would be the 2XL based on the sizing charts from RevIT and Revzillas help video.

I'm still not sure about the boots, but have been leaning towards the Sidi Adventure Rains based on protection.

Yep were blessed with some pretty awesome riding out here, and that ride on the Million Dollar Highway has some of the most spectacular views, truly amazing.

Now I guess all I need to know is if you guys have a Sand Jacket in Safari size 2XL and a Sand pant in black XL Long?

I've gone back and forth on color, and I'm still not absolutely sure, but i just can't get used to that cream color even though it says silver/black. The one picture I have seen of an actual Safari Sand jacket on a rider had it looking more khaki (closer to mud) than the greenish beige color RevIt shows, is that true? I'm more about form and function than style, but when I play that video of me showing up to the next TECH DAY for KLR 650's around here, I'm not sure cream is a KLR color

Oh, and while I'm at it I have to say my KLR doesn't do ANYTHING really well as you so well said, but it sure does everything pretty good!

thanks Ali and let me know on the Sand suit!!!!
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