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mooter? neuter(neu-scooter)?

the traditional definition of a scooter is a step through design with auto tranny and sealed transmission (not for life, but you're not dealing w/ chain stretch/wear/lube). they keep getting bigger but the same fundamentals features are there. this has neither of these.

honda is blurring that line. i can see a certain percenatge of maxi-scooter owners like it, while a whole lot saying NFW to a chain. has honda ever said if they'll offer the 6sp in the integra scooter variation? that could be a light touring bike for some if they did, but might overlap w/ the NT700V. i'm thinking no as all the floor board stuff is where the shifter would be.

Originally Posted by TonyBKK View Post
Dunno guys, is this thing a motorcycle or a scooter?

Apparently the engine is derived from the Honda Jazz automobile, and if you've ever driven one of those then you know what a boring engine they've plugged into this new moto-scooter.

50Hp, a redline at 6500 RPM and the most basic or suspensions... Wow, how exciting is that?

I could see this moto-scooter appealing to non-motorcyclists looking for a fuel efficient commuter vehicle. Other than that, I can't really imagine who would buy such a thing...

Honda's already got the VFR powered Crossrunner. Could this scooter dressed in mc clothes be the shemale equivalent in the motorcycle world? The Honda Crossdresser???
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