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Will this be the better combo?

hi folks.

i am currently using a motoport air mesh kevlar jacket/pants combo with the waterproof liner for rain. as i ride in hot and humid singapore/malaysia, it is important to find a jacket/pants combo that can handle this weather. i have been very happy with my motoport gear but the sudden downpours mean i get wet by the time i stop and get the liners in, or that i bake in the heat and humidity when i put my liners on anticipating the rain. which brings me to the badlands pro jacket/pants combo.

the temperatures here range from 24-35C (which is 75-95F) and the humidity is almost always in the 90s...with the exception of really nice and cool nights after a long day of rain. this place rains like crazy. it is sunny and hot one moment, then the rain comes and it is super wet...and it rains in sheets...and then it is hot and sunny again. the cycle pretty much repeats.

i know this is an adventure jacket and is not really suited for my style of riding which is 95% road. could even be 99% road. but i am really looking to match the protection and venting i get from the motoport with the added advantage of real rain protection. the badlands pro with the d3o and armacor seems to provide the protection, the gore-tex seems to provide the waterproofing. but what about the heat and humidity?

hope that someone here riding in a similar climate can provide some insight as i would like to get one this month....if at all possible. do you folks wash your gear?

thanks for any insight that you can offer. looking forward to it!
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