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Shoei Neotec VS Schuberth C3 - Impressions and Comparo

This morning I had an opportunity to take a ride in new Shoei Neotec and compare it to Schuberth C3. If you look at marketing materials for Neotec, you may get an impression that it's something groundbreaking. Well, it isn't. It is however the only alternative for people who find that Schuberth C3 just doesn't fit their head. As far as I'm concerned, everything else on the market of modular helmets is simply in a different league.

For the sake of fair comparison I used size L in both helmets. Neotec weighs 3lbs 14 oz. Schuberth C3 is 3 lbs 8 oz. Once on your head, you will not notice the weight difference. What is noticeable however is the shell size. Schuberth is definitely more compact with cleaner overall shape. Not a deal breaker for Shoei lovers.

Once on the road, the Neotec is a little noisier than Schuberth, most likely due to less insulation at the neck. Both ventilate nice, with slight edge going to Shoei.

I noticed that Schuberth's sun visor goes down a little lower, but Shoei's visor definitely provides better clarity. Both are cable operated, but to me C3 is both smoother and easier to operate - I'm used to it though. Shoei is much less involving when it comes to closing the chin bar, it just shuts closed. C3 fits tighter and the closing procedure is more complicated - definitely not one hand deal.

Neotec comes with traditional D-ring strap, while Schuberth has nice ratchet. I prefer the latter, but it's not a deal breaker. Shoei is a bit roomier all around, most importanly in the chin area (especially when compared to Multitec)

Both helmets come with pinlock inserts. Both have similar specs. Both are built to the highest quality standards - nothing else comes close. It's all about which one will fit your head better.
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