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Wait, I am confused...since when torque, bhp and rpms became independent measures?

I can't agree that Transalp have lots of torque low down. Worked on them (one in pieces in garage now), rode them, repaired them - never remember any impressive torque from those. Smooth - yes. And it is not simple 52 degree twin, please take a look at full picture - Transalp have different arrangements of crank pins than "classic" Vtwin.
Torque - that's what we can look at in Varadero. 90 degrees common pin twin is well balanced towards producing flat/progressive torque curve and gradual bhp curve.
I believe full picture of engine characteristics is important, not "torque" or "bhp" alone. I think best is to wait until someone puts NC on dyno bench to see how they tricked that motor. Because it does not have any impressive torque, it is WHERE this torque is that matters.

I mean - nothing wrong with Transalp except it is 23 years old motor and usually industry supposed to move forward
And contemporary requirements to motor, suspension and brakes are much higher simply because of situation on roads.
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