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Originally Posted by Ze_zaskar View Post
They only way of motorcycles to start being considered real transportation alternatives to cars is if we start to see full size bikes with good fuel consumption and maintenance costs. These days any big cc bike is looked at more like a big boy's toys than anything else.

My only vehicle is a XT1200Z. I ride 80km with it everyday, with any weather. The thing can do 100km/h in 4s or less, and reach 220km/h in no time with no side cases or wind. With some care I get a little under 5l/100km on my commute. It carries two people and a couple of bags of stuff.

I have a friend that has a Seat Leon 1.6TDI. The car has almost the same power as my bike, does 0-100Km/h in 11,5s, can reach 190km/h and is currently using 3,9l/100km of cheap diesel. It carries 5 people and their stuff. Plus, one can make all kinds of fun stuff on the back seat.

This is why the general public can't look at bikes with a true sense of utility. They simply make no sense for someone who's not a two wheels passionate.And what do we get with motorcycles being considered toys? More expensive insurance, less rights on the road, more expensive equipment, more taxes and manufacturers that in a few years will be making 2000cc 180hp "dual sports".

If we had more low consumption big bikes we would have more common people looking at them as alternatives and embracing them. More bikes on the road and the banalizing their usage would be better for all of us.
And all the good things of riding can be present in a moderate power, low consumption bike
+1 Well said.

People can still go and buy their 2020 model 300HP 22,000RPM titanium Alloy Supersports if they like, but I agree, we need some more everyday practical stuff out there.

I wouldn't mind seeing some serious thought put into safety / wet weather gear that is easier to take on and off either.

I know some countries require nothing, but the other side of the non acceptance problem is the death and injury problem and the inconvenience of some of the gear to get into and out of.
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