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Originally Posted by Rock Junkee View Post
Take the abs out it blows, it will save weight and make you feel better, i wonder how many ADV riders have eatn shit because of this , it is dangerous, i had a deer jump out in front of me and almost couldnt slow down in time because of this thats when i knew it was time to go!!! Plus gives you a neat little storage area under seat after taking it out...
He has a 2009, he can't get rid of the ABS with out switching out his dash. The systems changed in 2009. The ABS model and the R model read the speed differently. You can't just pull the ABS, trust me I've been trying to ditch mine for a while. The new dash is $560, and with out that, your speedometer wont work.

As for the switch mod, it's easy. Trace the rear ABS synsor wire from the rear rotor to the control box under the seat. Cut one of the signal wires, add a length of wire so you can install your switch where you want. I recomend somewhere you can get to quickly. Mount your switch, insulate your wires and your done. Flip the switch when you hit dirt. No worries about ABS ruining the fun. Flip it back when you hit the pavement, thumb your starter, the ABS will recycle and restart.

Here is a link where I was trying to remove the ABS from a 2009 model. I gave up installed a switch and have been very happy with the convenience of it. I have since moved my switch to the dash
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