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Originally Posted by SkidMarx View Post
... if you let them.
A maxed out M7 is pretty good, but it isn't for everybody. I like to move around, but I want to be able to do at least a little damage to bigger tanks.
I generally won't take on a heavy by myself or at close range, but sometimes it works out and a stock KV is REALLY slow.

My newest problem is getting slotted with tier 8 and 9s most of the time. You have to be very careful who you try to duke it out with.
I have to really change my game play depending on where I am in the stack. I guess that's why I like medium tanks.

This was the problem I had with my M7, always with tier 7 and 8 tanks unfortunatelly... on the plus side, I found the M4A3E8 alot better and you are still with the tier 7 and 8's most of the time.

These days im all about the German kit, tier for tier some of the best kit above tier 5 IMHO.
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