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Originally Posted by TALLGUY View Post
I have the KT PMR 30. I have around 350 rounds through it. It has a good trigger and great capacity of what is an adequate round for several uses at least in my opinion. It has been accurate, fun, and functional with just one stoppage that I can recall.

My main problem with it is that it is so light and comfortable to carry that it has turned into a concealed carry for me. The 22 mag is not my really the perfect defense cartridge but the fact that I am confident that I could put 25 rounds (I split a box of ammo between the two mags) center mass in a matter of seconds makes it acceptable. What is more important in the matter is that I actually carry it where I tend to leave the heavy weapons at home.
A can agree with carry a 22 vs the (X) sitting at home. And putting follow-up shots where you want them to go...there is also the old argument that I would not want to be shot with one.

Infact, one of the guys last night was talking to the wife about just this hand gun...they are going to bring out some different things for her to try (J-frame and a few others) as well as her bringing her existing small guns...the bersa and the little Tarus 38 to see if it is a mechanics issue...bad hold, suggest different grips and such.

The thing that has me worried is (this will not mean much to the folks not in KC) she works at the downtown airport...we live out past Lone Jack (think inner city and VERY country)...sometimes when the highway gets slow she will jump off and take short cuts through....well lets say not the most fantastic areas of town. That is what worries me and why I think she should carry daily.

Myself I don't even have my CCW...never felt the need....I work with 100 guys that open carry every day.
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