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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
The lens does not break easily.

You don't say what model lights you are considering but the lower the output, the more yellow it will be. This also goes for dimming, so if you dim the lights, they will have more of a yellow tint. The xpel lens protection is optically clear so will have no effect on light output. We also offer clear if you want the protection without the color.
Thanks for the fast response!

I'm definitely considering the 60. Bigger is better, right?
I figure I'm already getting a dimmer so that it will still be another point of light at night without blinding others too badly.

So just to be clear, the tint on the yellow lens protection will have more of a yellow tint effect when the light is dimer, right? That makes perfect sense.

I was considering it in the first place since someone asked about replacing the glass a bit up in the thread. But now I'm kind of drawn to the edgier look.

Since I hopefully still have your attention, is installation simply just shoving it into the opening, or do I need a special strap wrench or anything to unscrew the cover?
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