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PMR 30 for a new shooter?

I am not sure I could recommmend the PMR to a new shooter, especially one with small hands.

The length of the cartridge makes the grip long (Front to back).

The recoil it produces surprises all the experienced shooters I have handed it to.

I personally think it is "louder" than most centerfires that I shoot, but I have never measured the decibles and I wear muffs at the range so that could just be my perception.

There is a considerable muzzle flash that could be bothersome in low light conditions.

For whatever reason the round is "dirty" I think mostly due to the short barrel and long powder column resulting in some unburned powder and significant muzzle flash.

Obviously I am very happy with mine but as far as your friends wife it wouldn't be a weapon I could suggest.

I also agree that as far as economics go it is still expensive to shoot compared to a .22LR. Not much cost savings over centerfires.

Again like I said I like the gun and if they quit making them and I was offered 3x what I paid for it I would not sell it. I find it to be a versatile round in a nice package with great capacity.
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