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I would not have switched to LEDs if I had the juice to spare. My stock stator puts out something like 75 Watts. The incandescent lights that came with the old baja designs dual sport kit did drain the tiny battery during idle conditions, like stopped in rush hour traffic with the brake light on. Switching to LEDs made a big difference. I should upgrade my stator but I'll have to deal with grommet sealing issues since there isn't an exact fit for my XR5.

Downside of my plug in 1156/57 Luxeons are:

1) expensive
2) heavy
3) fragile

Seeing two of these expensive lights fail due to vibration was a big downer. The heat sinks on these are big and heavy items. I had one turn signal oriented out (pointing out) instead of the normal Honda pointed back. Previous owner had replaced a broken turn signal with a Suzuki style. Its obvious that the vibrations combined with the orientation of the bulb conspired together to break that turn signal. I've since replaced that turn signal with a Honda style.

The other broken light was the tail/brake light. It initially failed when I tried to install it. The glue holding the heat sink on was that weak. I didn't do a good enough job fixing it and it failed a second time and I then had to buy a new one. The new one was a different design and looked more robust, but I still added some JB weld to be sure it stays together.

I'm glad I haven't bought any more of these LED bulb replacements. With your info here, I'll be pricing components to see if there is any money to be saved building my own. I might change my turn signal style if I can figure out how to properly mount the Avagos.

Hadn't thought about replacing the headlight. Definitely let us know how that works out!
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