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Thats very cool Elvis. Seems they dont get to shoot in the Military as much anymore. I've got a young friend thats in the Marines, he's shot an M16 a few times, but no pistol training.

Originally Posted by Elvis70 View Post
I got my expert pistol shot medal in the Navy with a WWII vintage 1911. That was a series of timed shoots all drawn from the holster starting at 25 yards and working down to 7 feet I think. The last one was 2 shots only, I always did head shots on that one. One or two of the required speed reloading in the middle. If you got a jam, too bad, better be able to clear it quickly. You also had one where in the middle you had to switch and shoot with your off hand for a couple. That took some practice. You shot I think 68 rounds for a total of 340 max points (5 per bullseye) on paper human torso targets. Minimum of 330 for expert so almost all had to be bulls eyes.

That did not make me a badass, that meant I could shoot a gun straight, and quickly under pressure. No bigger accomplishment than being able to bowl well.
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