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If not for the fact I was in the Auxilliry Security Forces(Basically Reserve Navy Police) at NAS Whidbey Island I would never have fired a gun in my entire time in the Navy. Normally you fired a 1911 with a .22 barrel installed at the indoor range in bootcamp but when I was going through it was being renovated. I think they stopped it all together now though.

I also did the practical weapons qualification course with the Mossberg 500 and Remington 700 I think it was. Was a timed course 3 minutes running from station to station. About the same distances. Included shooting from the hip and combat dry reloading. As I recall 00 Buck, which is what we fired had 11 pellets in it, and you fired 2 at each target and had to have 9 holes in each to pass, plus finish on time. Was fun, I like blowing up other people's money.

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Thats very cool Elvis. Seems they dont get to shoot in the Military as much anymore. I've got a young friend thats in the Marines, he's shot an M16 a few times, but no pistol training.
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