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If you insist.
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Bunch of kids.....

Back in the fun days....

I had to use the M1 from WWII or Korea, no pistols allowed as we was not ossifers....

Most of us okie & arki & tex kids shot expert with them old rifles that the bullet went through the target sideways most of the time. he he he We had a gallery of range ossifers watch cause they did not believe the stories they were hearing..... We had a grreat line Sarge, he laid the law down to the company Sargents that we were not to do any cleaning or messing with the weapons between range days so we could get used to where they actually shot. ( take one apart & clean it, then it don't shoot the same no matter what the super spooks do on TV with their snap together long range weapons.... LOL ) Hummm, new trech, hummm.... Charlie, you disassemble your weapon after sight in then go out in the filed and put it together and make any long touches? )

Most fun was the crawl under the bob wire with real 50 cal machine guns with garden hose water jackets sending a lot of trace rounds right over you On guy saw a snake and jumped up, they could not stop shooting quick nuff and he became our lesson of the day. Not my platoon. The full stick of plain old dynamite they set off in the depressions right next to us would just about bounce us into the gun fire.

One of our platoon had to be driven with a bayonet through the course by the platoon Sargent. Man was Sarge pissed. Drew blood from that kids ass but by golly, he went through it.

More guys screwed up the night infiltration course than anything....

Platoon ahead of us had a kid panic and he jumped up and started running setting off every trip wire in the place. It looked like the 4th of July on the Hudson. What a hoot. They got off the 50's in time for that kid.

December, January & February of 1961-2 at Ft Carson, Colorado. Fun times if you could take the cold.....
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