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Just on a quick break from the shed (from fitting my WP50 front end)-
To address Cenji's question about how much the rear end would be raised from a 50mm swing arm extension-

my guesstimate is around 13-14mm- give or take. No way near 37.5mm.
I got this by simply looking at the geometry of the bike, particularly the angle of the swing arm- and translating that with a 50mm extension-
ie. angle of swing arm to me looks around 20-25 degrees- extend that out by 50mm and it goes up around 13-14mm.
This is assuming that rear suspension sag percentage doesn't change.
If my 20-25 degree eyeballing of the swing arm is off, then obviously the height would have to be adjusted, but this is just very rough ball park figuring.

Does that sound about right, nothing to engineer from, but just an OK guesstimate of increase in height?

Back to the shed now,
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