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Wife had a severe ankle fracture, specialist called in who'd never seen one as bad. It's been I guess around eight or more years now and it's significantly larger than the other ankle, gets sore from time to time, pops and catches. She had the hardware removed because she could feel it when she walked.

I broke my ankle approximately 20 years ago and did not know it. It was excrutiatingly painful, but I was on my parents insurance at the time doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing, so I just let it go until the initial pain subsided, and learned to live with the chronic pain. A bone floated and fused in the wrong place and after the 20 years of increasingly significant chronic pain whenever I went up or down a ladder or uneven terrain, I had surgery and the bone had to be chipped/chiseled out and removed. That was four years ago. It continues to bother me, but not in any way as badly as before; although, walking uneven terrain (ie. hiking, off camber) will mean I limp for the next two days. Also, I have significant pain the day after riding as my left foot does not appreciate the movement involved in shifting. I have popping, clicking and arthritis in the joint and it is loose (as there is a missing bone). I have to wear an orthotic to position the other bones in the ankle in such a way as to create the most possible support.

The reason I posted those two instances isn't to be a downer, but to reiterate what has already been said. Don't wait to see if you'll get to normal. Understand you'll have a new normal. It may be close to how it was, but probably will never be the same. It'll also probably deteriorate (get old) more quickly than the other ankle.
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