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Originally Posted by MotoJ View Post
I was looking at the pics of this RPOC again. Was the sidecar tub there? I didn't notice. Anyway, on the tank- that looks like the aircleaner feature- just above the tool box lid. A snorkel, for crossing streams. That's rare, and definitely makes it a military model M-72 (the tank anyway). The front wheel stand is a military feature too, as is the sidecar frame loop that was already mentioned. Did you notice any Soviet "star" stampings on the motor anywhere?

As a matter of fact, looking at the motor close-ups again, the castings actually look pretty nice. Much nicer than my later M72. Did you notice any markings anywhere? What did the carbs say? Were they CCCP K37s, or were they German Bings? It could conceivably be a BMW R71, although that is pretty unlikely. That air cleaner and fender are really intriguing. If I lived close I'd drop by with my truck and $750 (maybe even a thou) and get a nice project to keep myself outta trouble.

So whatever happened? Is it still lying around in the guy's barn in pieces? It looks all there- someone needs to rescue and resurrect the old girl. They clean up pretty well- a little rust is NBD. They were made to run despite all kinds of abuse. Check it out:

If you were up for it, you could probably get that collection of parts up and running for $2-3K. Not restored, but a good runner. Parts are available. How many other 50-60 year old vehicles can that be said about these days? Sorry- looking at that old neglected bike makes me feel the same way I do looking at the SPCA dogs for rescue!

I never pursued anything after looking the bike over. I have a couple other bikes that are requiring attention this winter so the old Russian bike didn't fit in.
The bike is still right where I saw it and probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The owner has never actively tried to sell it. He called me on a whim to look it over. I couldn't really get him to throw a price out....other than the $2 grand he turned down from someone else when he thought it was a BMW. I let him know what I thought the bike was, and told him the value was way below that of a BMW of the same vintage. I didn't want to insult him with any low ball offer so kept my mouth shut.
He never did have the tub for it, just the side car frame and a wheel / tire for it sitting on the porch.

I think the carbs had an "M something" on them. They looked like the old 50's Bings but I'm pretty sure they were not "Bing" markings on them anyway. There were serial numbers stamped on the frame and engine. The serial numbers were very large (tall) and stamped crudely....not even in a straight line. I didn't notice any "star" type stampings anywhere.


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