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it's been pretty warm in Tulsa. had the first chance to properly test 20AH lithium iron phosphate battery in cold weather. battery measured at 13.55 before going on tonight's ride to see Jeremy Lin, Knicks against Lakers... lived up to all the hype about the Jeremy Lin show!!!

adjusted my supertrapp muffler this morning, so mixture changed. usually engine starts first crank, but not today. cranked a good 10 cycles before finally starting. garage about 45 degrees. outside 33 degree and dropping.

finally starts, ride to my buddy house to watch the game. bike parked outside for about 2.5 hours... temp outside is 28f ... engine barely turned over.... after a few cycles battery warmed up a bit and finally started. but just barely. full heated suit on going home ...

battery measured at 13.21 after resting an hour... hooked up meter and cranked starter a few more times. battery dipped to 10.5v under load. measured 13.13v after rebounding a bit. then trickle charged back up to 14.4v.... it's now 23f with a 15f low. will see how battery performs in the morning with a full charge.
That doesn't sound promising
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