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Originally Posted by acesandeights View Post
The reason I posted those two instances isn't to be a downer, but to reiterate what has already been said. Don't wait to see if you'll get to normal. Understand you'll have a new normal. It may be close to how it was, but probably will never be the same. It'll also probably deteriorate (get old) more quickly than the other ankle.
Not taken as a downer; thanks for the post. Despite your, your wife's, and Derangedhemit's outcomes, my present expectation is for an excellent long term resolution. My closed fracture was textbook with a spiral fibular fracture (6 screw plate) and transverse medial malleolar fracture (1 screw up the tibia). Within 10 minutes of the accident my ankle was reset in the field by 2 orthopedic surgeons and shortly thereafter splinted by the ambulance crew. In the emergency room I identified myself as a veterinarian and asked to see the radiographs. Because I couldn't get to the digital screen, the radiology technician took a look and told me my ankle looked pretty good, all she saw was a small bone chip (i.e., the medial malleolus). She missed the spiral fracture of the fibula. When I finally saw the radiographs my ankle and fractured fibula were almost perfectly aligned, hence the reason the tech missed the fracture. Within 6 hours of the fracture I was in the OR, and the post-surgical radiographs show a normal ankle except for the hardware. I asked the surgeon how he felt the surgery went and he said excellent; however, warned I may have arthritis down the road. When I got home the orthopedic surgeon after viewing the 10 day post-op radiographs said it was an excellent repair. I believe all the stars (and bones) are aligned for an excellent out come. I know it may not happen, but until proven to the contrary that is my expectation, and the reason should I not regain near full flexion I will opt to remove the hardware.
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