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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
I was out camping with some friends last night, and the neighbor's hound treed a possum and would... not... shut... up. Owner pulled out an AR-7, put it together, and handed it to me since his night vision was hell. After 2 shots to figure out the sight, I quickly dispatched the beast and made the hound happy when the rodent hit the ground... dog had it in his mouth on the bounce.

And there was peace.

Owner says, with CCI ammo, no misfires on that gun. I may have to spring for one, even though I was kind of holding out for a Papoose, but nobody seems to have them in stock here.
Kürbczech has an AR7.

Only shot it once with rem gold bulk. Missfire every now and then but mostly good, still needs to be cleaned and broken in but it's a fun plinker.
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