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Question Selling the bike dilemma - BA or Paraguay, and how??

Ok, this is all very confusing, I think I read anything the search turns out on this subject both here and on the HUBB, and it's still confusing.

I'm trying to sell a great XR650L in Buenos.. but from what I read it's very difficult, people either don't succeed, or get bad prices etc etc. From what I gather so far I see three options:

1. sell to tourist/foreign passport by POA (local notary) and get new aduana papers by exiting and re-entering. Problem - finding tourist. Solutions?: HUBB,ADV ads? what else?

2.selling to a local for cash - empirically impossible, as no one wants a great bike with no legal papers. I find this VERY strange, there are XR's from 1994 going for 7000$ USD on local boards and no one would buy a 2008 one and solve the problem later? (as locals always can, in many ways, and doubt it would cost more than 100$US). So problem: finding a willing and able local. Solution: local sim-card and local sites? mercadolibre?? Problem number 2 : would I have problems flying out??

3. riding to Paraguay (Asuncion) and sell it there to local shops? Problem: how long would it take once there? is it worth it pricewise? good idea?

4. sell for parts, little money, lot's of heart-ache for the loyal and noble companion.

PLEASE, people who faced this situation and resolved it somehow - share your experience. I have two and half more weeks here and do not want to sell it for parts.
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