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This winter project has been suffering from a lack of... winter.
It's been unusually warm and I've been spending a lot of time doing other outside/outdoor stuff. Well, now it's freakin' cold. So I got busy.

First I cut a new spacer to fit in between the inner rear wheel bearings. The factory one was steel and, apparently, tool grade steel. After 20 minutes of trying to re-bore it I finally gave up and cut one out of aluminum. It just works on compression loads so it should be strong enough. Maybe...

I then popped in the new wheel bearings and turned my attention to the rear caliper. Turns out the sliding pins were completely frozen by corrosion. After two hours of drilling, cutting, bleeding, cussing, I finally had it apart. But now I needed to buy new pins, rubber boots, and probably replace the seals.

Fast forward a couple days and I got to meet B.Curvin. His garage his full of crazy projects, and parts. He offered me a caliper in great shape for a great price. Well, yes I will...

Put the wheel in for a quick fit test. As expected, the right side needs to be machined about 5mm to allow the rotor to center in the caliper.

BTW, the GS500 rotor has been ground to 220mm diameter and 4mm thickness to fit the DR caliper. Pics to follow as soon as I pick it up.

I also got from B.Curvin a trick rear sprocket. A 520 conversion sprocket from his SV650 track bike. It's aluminum, has the right pattern, and should be the right tooth count. Best of all, it was really cheap!

It should get the gearing in the ballpark. I'll adjust by replacing the front sprocket that has seen better days.

The lip on the left side of the wheel still needs to be machined off. The bearing will also need to be replaced with a sealed one. No big deal.

I flushed all the gunk, mud, sand, and whatever else out of the forks. I then refilled them and put the front end back together.

Quickly cut a couple of spacers to center the front wheel. Easy, but there isn't much room left between the rotor and the fork leg on the left side. Sorry for the bad pic, best I could do:

I still need to work out the caliper mount. I may grind down the fork tube a bit to make it easier. I'd just have to use spacers when I switch back to the factory wheels. Still in the air.

... And then a couple days of tedious work. Every part is inspected, cleaned, painted if needed, and re-assembled. It's slow and not really gratifying but at least I get a good look at everything before it goes back on. I re-wrapped the entire wiring harness as it was falling apart, another three hours of fun...

Anyway, the goal was to get the bike back on its wheels by the end of the weekend. Mission accomplished (-ish).

I cheated a bit as the rear wheel needs final machining, so it's not really on. Both wheels need paint and tires. The supermoto front fender also comes from B.Curvin's stash. The problem is that I now decided to paint the entire bike black.

Tomorrow I'll put the carb back together and try to get an oil filter. I plan on working on the exhaust later today. Hoping to re-start the beast on Wed, hopefuly.

Expected completion date is still March 1st. Fingers crossed...
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