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Originally Posted by Bravo21 View Post
Great thread and very timely for me. I'm ready to pull the trigger on a pair of dual sport boots and these G-Midlands look like they will fill the role well.

Brian, have you had a chance to wear these much? I'm curious about the break-in period. I get the impression that these are similar in many ways to the Alpinestars Scout. You talk a lot about Gearne boots' comfort and relatively no break-in period, such as in the product descriptions for the Balance and G-Adventures on the Atomic site. Do the G-Midlands follow that trend? Just based on the pictures, they look like a more comfortable boot than the Scouts out of the box.

If you've had a chance to break in these boots, how are they for general walking and light hiking?

They do not really require a break in period, and are usable out of the box. AFA fit and comfort, I feel they are more comfortable than the Scouts, the foot chamber fits well, they are easy to walk in (all day), and they have no width issues. I think they would work well for the bikes you have listed in your sig.

I will again reiterate that Gaerne's fit better, are more comfortable, to a greater %age of wearers than anything else out there.


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