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Originally Posted by Canuman View Post
Lighter? No, they weigh virtually the same in stock config.

Faster? No, the GS is two mph faster on top.

More power? No. However, the GS only gets an additional 5hp from its extra 350 ccs.

Not surprisingly, the GS has quite a lot more torque.

The K75 has a slight edge in reported fuel economy, but not enough to make you fall over backwards. In my experience, however, the 75 will regularly return over 45 mpg.

The advantage here is that the K75 motor is jet-engine smooth, with a linear power band. It never seems to run out of breath, has plenty of grunt, and is very pleasant and relaxing to ride. Other than that, the suspension is old-school, and benefits from a fair amount of tweaking.

I think the big advantage here is that a K75 with low miles but crusty bodywork can be had for very reasonable money. The motor, tranny, and final drive are robust. Since the bodywork basically disappears. it's not an issue. The suspension gets a complete work-over. You end up with most of the capability of the bigger bike, a HUGE alternator for all your tecchy bits, and a total investment likely under a well-used GS. AND you get the cred of having a bike few have ever seen.
Thanks! Great info -- and the highlighted line says it all!
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