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Originally Posted by Shov3BR View Post
Yup, TAPP is back with a bunch of new features and 2.1A output for charging tablets such as the iPAD. We will formally introducing this week at Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis.
We have been testing a batch of pilot production (PP) units and they are everything we were hoping for and more. Full scale production won't start until the end of March due to a couple of PCBA components that have very long lead times but we're working on trying to move that up a bit.
We stopped by Meat Popsicle's place and installed one of the PP TAPPs on his bike. As the first one in the field we're looking forward to hearing how it's working out.
-Don B
Hey Don,

its worked great on the few short rides that I've been on, but I need a longer ride to test its performance keeping the phone charged while using the GPS functions for extended periods, which was my issue with the lower output model. I may just have to let the phone get low, and then hook it up while running the GPS and see how it does, because my next big ride is a ways off: the end of March when I finally get to explore Death Valley.

Thanks for supporting your products so well and continuing to improve them!
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