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the cure for saggy bags

I love my expedition bags but the flimsy internal butterfly stiffeners were really pissing me off. Inspired by fbj913's garbage can trick I decided to follow suit. Visiting Walmart I came across these plastic garbage pails. The base is slightly smaller than the wolfman bag and it tapers slightly outward towards the top. They are also nice and stout.

I cut them down to 11 1/2 inches tall using a hacksaw blade, filed the edges to remove burrs and drilled a small hole in the bottom to allow air to escape when inserting them into the saddlebags.

It's a tight fit. All of the buckles need to be undone to get it in there.

The result:

No more saggy bags! Plus since the inside is white I can actually see the contents.

Last step, toss the originals into the trash.

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