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Originally Posted by cat View Post
Maybe we should get you to do a thread on the first-aid kit sometime, if you've done a lot of work on it like you have with the toolkit. :)
So much of what i've seen is more orientated to band-aids for little cuts, not the kind of injuries you might want to attend to in the bike context. Basically, i don't see the type of wound dressings that would be good for bike crash wounds - big enough. I suppose some of the military stuff would be suitable but i haven't seen enough of it to know what to get.

It's been done well before here...
Originally Posted by jesusgatos View Post
Think there are already a few good first-aid threads on here. Remember there was no shortage of info out there when I was putting mine together.

I mostly carry basic stuff for small cuts and abrasions, too...and of course all the pharmaceuticals I listed, just for delaying symptoms and getting to a safer place to rest and get treatment. As far as large/bleeding wound dressings and the like, there are some pretty amazing solutions out there but many are large and heavy so I have never carried them on the bike or on my person either.

When I have had to deal with people with broken bones, we've always managed to make a splint out of available stuff on site - branches of trees, plastic fenders cut into strips, sacrificed elbowpad plastic for a broken wrist, etc. I have never been in a situation where I needed to make a stretcher, but carrying some nylon line or strap could make this possible with any sort of trees available, etc.
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