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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
quite correct!

even though lithium iron phosphate chemistry is much more stable than lithium cobalt. Voltage requirements of existing electronics dictate which chemistry will be compatible. lithium cobalt operates between 4.2v fully charged to 3.0v dead. very little energy remains below 3.25v.

a lithium cobalt battery made from four cells x 4.2v = 16.8v fully charged to 13v dead or not compatible with a motorcycle's electronics.

lithium cobalt will be with us for many more years. greatest danger with lithium cobalt occurs during charging. here's a blast from the past..... a detailed article on that topic, I wrote back in 2007 on Candlepower Forums (thread ended up 116 pages)

battery packs from name brand electronics with lithium cobalt will usually contain protection circuitry. due to higher energy densities and voltage requirements of existing gear. Lots of RC folks are still flying with lithium cobalt li-po packs. generally they understand the dangers and are using sophisticated chargers with balancing circuits, charging at limits their li-po packs can withstand.
What did you mean when you commented that portable devices are using A123 chemistry? I'm pretty sure they don't. The A123 chemistry doesn't have the capacity.
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