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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
What did you mean when you commented that portable devices are using A123 chemistry? I'm pretty sure they don't. The A123 chemistry doesn't have the capacity.
think iphone4 which contains a li-po battery with lithium iron phosphate chemistry. it's not been that long ago since Sony was in the news for their laptops catching on fire. the same for Apple for some of their devices catching on fire. back then 18650 lithium cobalt cells were most produced of all li-ion cells. that title now belongs to A123 type 26650 cells in li-ion power tools.

increasing capacity and number of cycles are some of the advances for lithium iron phosphate cells.
they still don't have energy density of lithium cobalt, but some pretty amazing advances have been made. the safety advantage means saving $$$ from lawsuits resulting from li-ion fires/explosions.

A123 was the original mfg of lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which was discovered at a Texas university research lab. but A123 was the first one to take that chemistry into real life production. Dewalt and Milwaukee were the first to offer li-ion battery powered tools. the cells used was A123 26650 ... since then LOTS of other mfg have gone on to make their own version of A123 cells.

li-ion batteries is a technology that constantly evolving. with a slew of different chemistry. lithium magnesium and lithium yttrium power LiFeYPO4 are but two more chemistry that's evolved to advance li-ion cells.

notice I've been writing out lithium iron phosphate (a pita) instead of using abbreviations. reason is there's sooo many variations used by different vendors. it gets down right confusing.

here's the first test using Shorai 18AH (pb eq) 13.90v resting voltage, 56f degree inside garage. 67 amp draw.... As expected Shorai turned over motor strong, started R80G/S immediately with no issues. hopefully the weather will turn cold so we can see what happens then.

it bears mentioning Shorai has really done their homework providing an assortment of foam pads. this made installing a Shorai battery securely a breeze.

enough posting... off for a ride!!!

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