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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
I can't find any reference to a commercial LiFePo chemistry Li-Po. Just some research abstracts.
Arrrggghhhh... weather is not cooperating .. low for tonight in Tulsa 39f degree. Shorai LFX21 AH (pb eq) is mounted on R80G/S and is working great. not much of a challenge starting above 40f degrees.


yup... terms gets thrown around, so can get quite confusing. now lets throw one more term into the pot, that is used interchangeably. prismatic cells.

lithium-ion batteries can contain arrays of cylindrical cells to make-up a battery pack such as Ballistic Batteries. Li-Po battery packs contain lithium polymer electrolyte inside polymer pouches. which are also called prismatic cells. An example is Shorai which contains 4 x prismatic cells inside a battery case.

here's a pic of a 3.7v x2 cell lithium polymer battery

here's a pic of a 3.1v A123 prismatic cell, which also happens to be inside a polymer pouch
which makes this prismatic cell also a li-po battery. note prismatic cells can also be contained in other type containers. like the 20AH test battery with four rectangular plastic cells.

this 20 AH (actual) battery uses four prismatic cells

20 AH (actual) with balance circuitry (shunt) .. removed, circuits scrubbed off an estimated 10% of total AH capacity. carefully tracked individual cells through many charge/discharge cycles. voltages remain very close, even after heavy discharge cycles.

charging with HP regulated power supply set to terminal at exactly 14.4v or 3.6v when charging single cell.

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