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straya carnt
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Aww shuk's

Thanks mate .. yes it is a fork brace ..why is it there you may ask??
i dunno why was in a box of stuff i got from a fellow xr rider who sold his bike

i scored the parts bin

the rack is a turbo city job with under fender support ....they have the silly side mounts for bags but i cut em off and made some brace's myself for my bags well
currently this is my work ride ,,so running street tires currently has a 15/47 gear ..way to high for street ... but like most things i scored a Kush rear sprocket for nxt to nicks i thought i would try it out .....ill buy a new 1 soon in a 42 tooth

as you can tell i like to talk about my bike

here's my dash i made myself ... the bike is setup for distance riding not really a hard core off track bike ... but like any good xrr it will do it all

the left side is where i mount my gps
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