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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
thanks much for sharing your link. LOTS of valuable information there. unfortunately all the information are for lead acid based batteries. which is understandable, since tests was done in 2009, Li-ion motorcycle batteries was all but unknown. feedback has grown since then. still quite new, lithium iron phosphate are just now starting hit the main stream.

LOTS of folks have lots of questions .. that hopefully we will answer in this thread.

originally these motorcycle battery tests were also going to cover AGM and Gel in detail. but it's obvious lithium iron phosphate is where hard data is missing. so that's why these tests have quickly morphed into covering li-ion technologies in detail.

notice laboratory grade instruments are used through out these tests. when voltage range of .5 volts covers about 80% of total amp hour capacity from battery. your electrical meters has to be lab grade or your results are suspect. temperature degrades li-ion cell's amp output. cold li-ion batteries have to be operated differently to successfully start your engine at say 15f degrees.

amp draw by starter becomes an important issue. li-ion batteries amp output could drop by 1/2 or more when operated at low temps. putting an internal load on a li-ion battery warms it up, bumping amp output performance back to full output.

this video by Ballistic Batteries is very important to watch for folks wanting to switch to li-ion motorcycle batteries. does an excellent job on how to properly warm up a li-ion battery during cold starts.

The motobatt is an agm for sure. I bought one years ago for my gs after i was tired of replacing the mix type lead acid batteries every year. Worked like a champ. Buddy is still using it in that bike. Anyway, back to the show.
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