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I continued going through my new to me 4rt. So far it looks like the bike was put away without much thought after each ride. So far I've found the following:
The air filter was full of pine needles
the swing are bearing were dry and loose requiring new link plates
the head bearing were too tight
the fork oil was shiny silver
chain tensioner arm was loose and worn beyond repair
Rear wheel has a flat spot that is likely not fixable, but still rideable
rear rotor is slightly bent
side stand extends too far forward
throttle was sticky and didn't spring back closed
drain plug missing from the airbox
rear wheel bearings knotchy

Here's what I've done so far
ziptie stitched the cracked fender and drilled a relief hole to stop the crack
cleaned the air filer and airbox
changed fork oil
lube and tensioned head bearing
removed fork spring and rear shock to investigate custom wound stiffer springs

Things left to do
Change engine and trans oil
check valves
flush coolant
replace chain tensionor and rear wheel bearings
straighten rotor?
lube swingarm bearings
lube linkage
reinstall shock/spring
bleed brakes/clutch
figure out taller bars

Hopefully my parts arrive on Monday and I can get everything buttoned up and read to ride by next weekend.
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