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Thanks for the info TL. I'd really like to see a close-up picture of your side covers, fender brackets, and chain tensioner if you've got any. I was also thinking about fabricating some aluminum sidecovers rather than spend $100+ on a set of Sammy's. I'm just not sure of my sheet metal skills, but I guess it'd be worth a shot as I think yours really look better than the original "large" design. I also need to come up with a spark arrester as mine's almost completely rusted away. I need to send a message off to FMF and some of the other aftermarket firms and ask for some dimensions to try to match one up. I think a couple of the ones made for ATV's or small bikes may work. Have you ever thought about

I just came in from riding it around the yard and driveway a bit. It sure is a fun little bike!
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