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Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post
Hi Anorak, here is the Lightening Website... All I see is they offer an 8-Cell batttery.... am I missing something? I said we offer the most powerful battery in a YTX12 case format at 600 Cranking Amps ...I don't see that they have anything but an 8-cell? And while it may have a BMS it only has a 1 year warranty... we offer a 3 year warranty an no BMS on our 8-Cells...So how would a BMS be any benefit or even a consideration if they cannot warranty for longer than a year? In theory a BMS should allow the batteries to last 5 years since it eliminates the most common cause of damage to Lithium... over and under discharge. There are some things also to consider with a BMS (we have tested them...and are still testing them)...

A BMS actually chokes the power of a "starter" battery IF they have it installed as a true BMS should be...Meaning the terminals of the battery should go into the BMS.. then to the battery cells... then it can do true full time balance charging as well as over-discharge and over-charge protection for the cells... Then on the other hand the full pulse discharge to start the bike must also come out of the cells and go through the BMS circuit board... and circuit boards are limited in durability when such high amps are constantly being put through them... As you can imaging you cannot put 250 amps in pulses through a 1/8th inch sliver of circuit, You need a minimum gauge wire to do that and we are pretty close to getting this done, but at this time we don't have the confidence in this specific application to go with them. As I said we warranty for 3 years... so when we are testing BMS we need to be confident to warranty it for our 3 year if not longer. So though you mention the Lightening has Battery Management it really means nothing with a one year warranty... A true and good battery management system should allow for extended warranties.
You make some salient points but what battery pack runs each cell in series through the BMS? Those are going to be some big transistors and heat sinks.
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