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RL 250 Street Legal Parts

As a new member of Adventure Rider I was glad to find this posting on the RL 250 Exacta. I just purchased a street legal & titled RL 250 (third owner). It has what I think is the factory lighting kit installed that was installed by the selling dealer back in the day according to the original owner. This kit consists of a headlight, headlight brackets, taillight & bracket, OEM silver left handlebar switch to control the headlight, horn & turn signals (no turn signals and horn was added by second owner), wiring harness, lighting coil & brake light switch on rear brake. There may be more electrical parts such as a voltage regulator as part of the kit but I haven't pulled the tank to see.

Since my bike needed the headlight restored (it had been modified over the years/parts were missing and the chrome ring was damaged) and the taillight repaired (licence plate bracket had been broken off in the past) I started searching the factory shop and parts manual and sources such as DGY & Bike Bandit to find the missing parts or at least the part #'s. Other than the mention of the lighting coil, none of these parts are shown in the factory parts book, shop manual or on the web.

After a lot of messing around in researching (and buying certain parts to compare them to original) exactly what the part #'s are and from what bikes the parts came off of originally I've come up with the following information.

The headlight housing, chrome trim ring, internal parts, mounting parts, headlight bulb, left control switch, headlight & headlight switch wiring harness are off of a 1974-1977 TC185. Some of these parts are also identical to the parts used on the TS 250 headlight but not that many. I have no idea what bike the headlight brackets were sourced from - I'm assuming at this point that they were specially made for this model.

The lighting coil is still generally available.

The taillight isn't off any Suzuki model that I can track down but the lens may be off of a 1960's A100. There is a special bracket that the taillight attaches too that was obviously made specifically for this bike. The nice thing about this OEM light is that it doesn't require any holes to be drilled in the fragile rear fender. However, it does stick up pretty high making it vulnerable to damage. The Yamaha TY light is a much better design but requires drilling holes in the fender to make it work.

The brake light switch looks to be a generic 1970's Suzuki part.

Other than the taillight, most of the rest of these parts are available either used or as NOS. Mounting the headlight would require some readily available aftermarket brackets. If I was modifying one for street I would install the Yamaha TY taillight most likely since the RL version seems to be very rare and hard to locate.

It's clear that the Yamaha TY models have a much larger base of used, NOS and recreated parts available for it, makes sense since they made so many more of them. In my mind this scarcity of parts (particularly body parts) makes the RL even more interesting, challenging and desirable.

Hope this helps!
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