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Originally Posted by bmwhacker View Post
Очень плохой двор орнаментом.
Этот мотоцикл не стоит порошка чтобы взорвать его в ад.
(Very bad yard ornament.
This bike is not worth the powder to blow it to hell.)

Я не уверен, что это такое .... может быть, IMZ или Dpner?
(I'm not sure what it is .... may be, IMZ or Dpner?)

Кадр коляской, возможно, какое-то значение для кого-то?
(Sidecar frame, perhaps some value to someone?)

Кто-то в прошлом написал "BMW" на поршень с волшебным маркером ... вот как нынешний владелец решил, что это был BMW.
(Someone wrote in the past "BMW" on the piston with a magic marker ... Here, as the current owner has decided that it was BMW._

Итак, я предложил вернуться и haulit далеко за стоимость моего газа прийти и получить его. Даже, что это растяжение ее ценность.
(So, I offered to come back and haul it away the cost of my gas to come and get it. Even that is stretching its "value.)

Так много для моего мечтает о ценных "сарай найти" ... все я нашел, было навоза на сарае пол ...

(So much for my dreams of a valuable "barn find" ... All I found was the manure on the barn floor ...)
It's a very old M-72, probably from the 1940's. The re-inforced sidecar fender and the very triangular straight cut gusset re-inforcement near the rear plunger are the give aways (ones from the 50's had curvature in them). It could be from the war era or even from a different M-72 factory than IMZ like MMZ (Moscow Motor Works) or ΓMZ (GMZ - Gorky Motor Works) and others. KMZ (Dnepr) started M-72 production in the early 1950's, so you can probably rule that one out.

Definitely NOT a $2000 bike in anyone's dream! If he truly had a $2K, he's an idiot for not jumping on it, but I bet he's lying...
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