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I own an '01 Tiger and regularly ride a Wee as a friend of mine has one and wants to trade bikes every time we ride . His Wee has been spot on reliable for him for years and he loves it, but he is willing to cheat on it every time the Tiger shows up in his driveway. I, on the other hand, do not particularly enjoy the trade.

The tiger, other than having an aftermarket shock go out on me, has been worry free for several years now. She has 43000 miles on her and I regularly get 48 mpg and can get 52 mpg when I concentrate on driving more conservatively (which is hard to do with the triple). I love the old girl and have even considered buying a used motor off ebay for her so that 60-65000 miles from now I can dump the new motor in her and keep going. The new 800 and 1200 tigers look very interesting but unless something dramatic happens with the finances I'll be riding the girlie for a very long time.

I think EvilClown and several of the other folks who have posted make great points as there many good bikes out there but I regularly see girlies in the $3500-$4000 range and believe that they represent one of the very best values out there. The Wee will do a great job for you but the Tiger will do a great job as well and will make you smile every time you twist the throttle.

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