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Originally Posted by Bonsai Elephant View Post
...Wolfman might find it worth their while to either change their product or explain why it's done that way.

Originally Posted by wolfmanluggage View Post
Hi Guys
Eric with Wolfman.
I am really liking this discussion about the "Wings" as we call them.
I can talk about the purpose etc. and the design behind them if you wish. They are a bit fussy, I find using the EX-T Stuff never give me an issue.
The design of the wings is to allow the bags to expand and contract depending on the load so the load can be compressed and stabilized when mounted to the racks. If a ridged non-flexible liner is put in the load will never be tight unless the bags are stuffed full. Since these are Radio Frequency Welded their are no real good places to attach the "Wings" inside the bags. Also the lie flat so our shipping is less -Especially for export. So I decided to "Float the Liners. I am looking into a White or Natural plastic for internal visability.
that is the design behind the wings.
I like where this is going though. I really like suggestions.
PM me any time I'll try to respond in a timely manner, I do get busy.
Thank You

Hi Eric.

Excellent explanation, thanks for taking the time to lay out the design rationale for us, it all makes sense now!

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