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Originally Posted by bobobob View Post
You probably saw a few of these then.
Wish they put a six speed in them.

They were really kinda crappy. That Gen II body was terrible with the Neon engine, mediocre with the Mitsu Turbo engine. You could get more power out of modding the Gen 1 engines, and I think the cars themselves were a bit lighter. They came with bigger turbos and the cylinder heads became a commodity for the Gen II car owners doing performance mods because the ports flowed better. But the Gen 1 transmissions were pieces of shit, as were many of the revisions of timing belt parts and front engine seals. The turbo outlets and manifolds would crack and leak over time, worse on the Gen 1 cars.

I made a hell of a lot of money off of these things in the '90's. It's no mistake I stayed a Mitsu Tech as long as I did
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