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Vietnam food thread!

Alright, I don't see a lot of activity in here maybe I can draw some of you out with a food thread.

I'm back in Vietnam after almost 7 years and I forgot how much I love the food here. I'll use this thread to post pics of some of my favorite or interesting foods of Vietnam.

Pho is probably my favorite dish in Vietnam, I can eat it anytime breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's just so good. I've traveled in the north, middle, and south of Vietnam and I love to experience the different interpretations on this staple dish of Vietnam.

I'm not a big fan of seafood so it's no surprise my eating tastes favor the north where Pho originates.

Here is a historic (note the date) Pho restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). My father in law ate here back in the day so eating here has some meaning for me. He says the place hasn't changed much.

Let's see your pics of Vietnam food!!
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