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Originally Posted by Dukeryder View Post
From what I've heard Yamaha Marine developed the Cylinder heads from scratch and built the bottom end based off of a Ford V-6. The manual gearbox is Mazda.

It is a great looking Engine.

It wasn't Yamaha Marine. (You may be thinking about OMC doing the original Corvette ZR-1 engine.) The SHO program was just getting started when I joined Ford Engine Engineering. Yamaha was originally tasked with developing a DOHC head package for the 3.0L Vulcan V-6. It quickly became clear that the block was no match for the anticipated power levels, so Yamaha developed the complete engine from scratch.

What an engine it was! It is my favorite V-6 of all time. Our test cars had no rev limiters and a hot calibration. (300 HP at the flywheel was as easy as plugging a chip into the EEC-IV unit.) I was tasked with durability testing the Valeo clutches in some of our test units, and it was a fun job I was forced to go out to Henry's Trimotor runway at the Dearborn Proving Grounds and do great smokey burnouts for hours on end

With no rev limiters, I was able to really explore the powerband on this amazing engine. With proper spark and fuel added back in to the calibration, the engine would pull strong to 10,000 rpm with no complaints. (Well, the Ford 3G alternator would complain after a while, since it was being driven at almost 3x crankshaft speed )

What fun it was to have smoke pouring into the air conditioning vents, and get paid to do it. The work took a few years to bear fruit, with the rod shifter and inproved clutches in later models.

I too had a blue '93 5-speed. Loved the engine. Hated the chassis...
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