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Lots of memories in this thread.

3000GT/Stealth. When I was in college, that was THE cool car to have. I knew two people who had them. One was a slut who lived in our dorm and her rich daddy bought it for her. The second was a guy who was running a "business" bootlegging fireworks from North Dakota into states like Minnesota where they weren't legal. Really, that was what he did.

I loved the last generation big RWD T-Birds and Cougars. At the time, I had a 1989 Cougar. I loved that car.
A friend of mine was obsessed with the early 90's Impala SS. GM took a really ugly car (the Caprice) and made it cool.

Another guy who was one of my best friends for 20 years, until he recently managed to get himself a serious drug habit and I told him he could no longer be around my family still has his 1991 Honda Civic Si. He bought it brand new in college, and it threw a rod two years ago with about 180,000 on it. It's rotting in his garage now, since he has no money or ambition anymore. That was a fun car, and we had some good times in it...
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