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Good points K1W1. I tried to find a good option of a Suzuki tail light that was actually available either used or new and really couldn't come up with anything but if someone has a good option that would be great.

If there are any photos of the battery set-up that would be great. I thought about mounting a small lithium battery somewhere but, at least on my bike, would require a different wiring harness because currently my RL doesn't have provisions for a battery and I don't want to cut into the factory harness. I'm not good with electrical/wiring issues so any suggestions again would be welcome.

One other point on the handlebar lighting switch - it is silver (TS185 switches are black) and has the switch to turn the headlight off and on. Most of the OEM switches that I looked at didn't offer this feature but with the right parts it can be added to an existing switch.

I forgot to mention the speedometer situation so thanks for mentioning that. K1W1 is correct - you can track down the parts from the TS series and fit them into the stock hub and many are available new. However, be careful because the early TS/TC 100, 125 & 185 came with 19" wheels which would not give accurate speed readings with the RL's 21" wheel. The later TS's used the 21" wheel (post 1976). I found a complete brake panel from a late model TS with all the parts in good shape. I assume that a Ossa, Bultaco, Montessa or Yamaha trials speedometer set-up would work but I haven't had any luck tracking down all of the parts required.

My challenge is finding a good trials type speedometer - any suggestion would be welcomed.

I will do my best to get some photo's posted of the factory lighting parts.
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