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Finally got the exhaust and carb back on. Checked the battery, 10.1V, not good. But I connected it anyway and tried to kick it with the spark plug out, I was getting a weak blue spark.

I hooked up the tank and there was just enough gas in there to fill up the float bowl.

Kicked about 6 times and got one single burp. That's when I realized that the headlight was still connected.

Disconnect the headlight.

One kick.


Let it run for about 30s and killed it. It now starts reliably on the 1st or 2nd kick.

I am thrilled, this bike was near impossible to start cold before and a real bitch to start hot. Even if it takes 5-10 kicks to start cold it's definitely something I can live with. Now to paint the plastics, finish the wheel setup, paint the wheels, tires and it will be road ready.

Might still make my March 1st deadline.
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