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Riding, not Driving.
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I moved my stock turn signals forward to the side reflector spot too - they fit perfectly...

Put on a fake Lucas tail light - solved the whole "heavy assembly" issue for me & is still really visible (now that that bag is removed).

Half of my commute is on DARK farm roads in the morning... & foggy... I value my visibility, too!

I used the accessory leads under the seat to power a dual "freeway blaster" horn set up, through a relay I got from a local BMW repair shop. The horns I got from the good people at Aerostich - I like to be seen AND heard. I basically only commute - but it's a fun ride (about 350 miles a week - year round).

A Real Pleasure!

When I figure out how to attach an image, I'll post a couple pictures of my bike (My Dad's bike! I bought it from him... had to have it - it's his last bike... he doesn't feel comfortable riding anymore. I'll be keeping this one.)
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