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Originally Posted by Since-I'z-4 View Post
Hello All,

I have put about 5,000 miles on my "new" W 650, & have been coping all that time with a rather violent front end shake. It happens between 30 - 50 mph when I either have no hands on the bars, or I have a very light touch on the bars.

Anyone else having this problem? The bike had about 5,800 miles on it when I got it about 6 months ago - It's in really nice shape & I believe it has been fairly maintained...

I've put on new tires, lower bars, moved my luggage around (I always ride with some kind of load) - still the same from end shake???

Thanks for any Idears...

Sounds like a typical coast down wobble.

1st check/tighten steering head bearings so that when the front end falls to the stops it does not bounce.

2nd try different tire pressure since the front tire acts as a damper for this kind of wobble.
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