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Originally Posted by Floyd_ca View Post
I'm excited to see the girl up and running..... Your thread may owe my boss a good day of work..... Hope you can get her on the road this spring!!

I dont think Ive ever used the words good day and work in the same sentance before..

Back from Vacation. Did a little work on the wireing. But mostly been busy finding all my tools that are scattered between 3 differant portable tool boxs, several cardboard boxs, the misc cubbies of my truck and motorcycle trailer...take all those tools and arrange them in my new tool box. And in the process of taking inventory of my wrenches made a list of missing sockets and wrenches Il be needing to replace...Hmmmm might have to make a visit to the tool store then.

Wireing has been a little fustrating. Not the wireing itself but running it thru the frame. Actually running it thru the frame is easy. But every time I think I have my grommet sizes figured out I realize I need to get bigger grommets. then I need a way to drill a bigger hole for said grommets. My drills only go to 1/2". No one around here sells a very good grommet selection so its back to Mcmaster Carr for a bag of 100 grommmets plus shipping for the 1-2 grommets that I need for the job. At least Ill have spares huh...
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